Crisis Management - Incident Response

Crisis Management Team Consulting Firm

CyberSecOp understand that a crises often have unforeseen impacts that can jeopardize the critical assets, reputation, and financial standing of an organization or community. CyberSecOp’s crisis management services help our clients prepare to lead and navigate so they may anticipate and react with confidence.. 

Ransomware attacks are not random but rather targeted and intentional.

Organizations should prepare and exercise a crisis management plan well in advance of an incident. This includes emergency shutdown procedures and instructions for employee communication, 'out-of-band' communications (voice systems may be down during a cyber attack) as well as having legal and PR teams educated on these responses.

CyberSecOP’s crisis management solutions provide resilience and disaster management services to public and private sector clients, helping them sense, prepare for, respond to, and recover from major adverse events. Our professionals have experience across all phases of the crisis management life cycle, including strategy, governance, financial and regulatory compliance, business intelligence and data analytics, capital projects and infrastructure oversight, housing recovery, and employee outreach.

Corporate Security Consulting Services

  • Development of Related Policies, Procedures and Plans

  • Review and Enhancement of Contract, Proprietary Security Officer and Police Programs

  • Review and Development of Workplace Violence Programs to Include the Key Components of Prevention, Mitigation/Threat Management, Response and Recovery

  • Wraining of Staff and Security Officers on Security and Safety Awareness and Responsibilities, Recognizing the Early Warning Signs of Violence, Safety During Threats and Violence, etc.

  • Support During and Following Incidents such as Active Shooters, Threats and Related Crises

  • Threat assessments, security planning, electronic system design and operational measures

  • Concepts, schematics, design development, and construction documentation


 Improve Your corporation SECURITY

your security posture and make device configuration changes without per-device restrictions

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments

  • Policy and procedure review and development

  • Security audits

  • Security training

  • Security master planning

  • Securing intellectual property

  • Threat management

  • Travel risk assessment

  • Information security

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures

  • Executive protection

  • Private client and family office services

  • Emergency security response services for a host of threats

  • Event Security

  • Bid award assistance

  • Construction administration services

  • Project management and security system replacement/upgrade

Reduce corporation INvestments 

costs with simplified, flat-pricing model and optimize the value of your security investments


Over 20 years experience helping hospitals, health systems and providing IT strategy and implementation support.

Security System Design & Integration

    CCTV Design
    ID Badging System Design
    Access Control Systems
    Communication Center Design
    Crisis Management Center Design
    Perimeter Control Systems
    Bid Preparation and Evaluation
    Construction Management/Oversight

Corporate Security Program Support

    Security Consultant Support
    Policy and Procedure Development
    Workplace Violence Prevention and Training
    Information Systems Management
    Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
    TSA/FAA Regulatory Compliance
    Medical Cannabis Facility Security Plans for State Applications

    Corporate Security Master Plans
    Comprehensive Security Surveys
    Threat Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
    Active Shooter Assessments
    Bomb Blast Effectiveness Analysis
    Vehicle Access/Roadway Considerations

Emergency & Crisis Management Support

    Emergency Plan Development
    Security Exercise Development
    Disaster Recovery Planning

Public Safety and Corporation Support

    Merger Feasibility Studies
    Training and Training Needs Analysis
    Law Enforcement Resource Development
    Counter Terrorism Guidance
    Staffing and Equipment Analysis